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8 Steps to Understanding of the Power of Wealth Consciousness

August 28, 20235 min read

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

In today's fast-paced world, many people dream of making more money and achieving financial abundance. There is even a new movement called FIRE (that, btw, I totally don’t agree with…contact me and ask me why!)

While some might think that winning the lottery is the only way to achieve this, the truth is that money is energy, and it can flow to us through various channels. The key lies in understanding our wealth consciousness and the mental programs that influence our beliefs about money. In this article, we will explore how these factors can impact our financial reality and offer insights into attracting more money by increasing our wealth consciousness.


The Role of Wealth Consciousness in Earning More

Wealth consciousness refers to our mindset and beliefs surrounding money and abundance. Our thoughts and emotions around money play a vital role in attracting or repelling financial opportunities. People with a positive money mindset tend to attract wealth effortlessly, while those with negative associations may unknowingly block financial growth. It is essential to identify and shift any limiting beliefs about money to open ourselves to greater financial success. These beliefs could be something like “Money is the root of all evil”, or “Rich people are unhappy”, or “Life is not about money” etc. These beliefs, when deeply ingrained in our minds, steer us in the direction of NOT making money. It’s subconscious and it’s much more powerful than the strategies set by the conscious mind.

Understanding the Wealth Programming in Our Minds

Our wealth consciousness is shaped by programming in our minds, often developed from childhood experiences, societal influences, and cultural beliefs. For instance, if we were raised with the idea that money is scarce and hard to come by, we might subconsciously resist opportunities for financial growth. Recognizing and challenging such beliefs can lead to a more abundant mindset. Going back to the origin stories and rewriting them is a key tool to shift that.

Breaking Free from Money Limitations

Many individuals find themselves stuck in a cycle where they feel they are not earning what they truly deserve. They may believe they are destined to remain in their current financial situation, unable to break free from their money limitations. However, this mindset only perpetuates the status quo. By identifying and releasing these self-imposed limitations, one can pave the way for financial growth and abundance.

Why Some People Earn More for the Same Job

You may have noticed that some individuals earn more for the same job or profession than others. Often, this is due to differences in their wealth consciousness. Those who believe they deserve higher compensation are more likely to negotiate for better salaries or seek higher-paying opportunities. Understanding the connection between wealth consciousness and earning potential empowers individuals to improve their financial situations. Ask yourself, what do you believe about the salary you currently earn and what do you believe about the salary you would want to earn. And what do you think of people who are making more money than you.


Overcoming the Barriers to Wealth

Debt can be a significant barrier to financial abundance. People trapped in cycles of debt may struggle to envision a prosperous future. By adopting a proactive approach and implementing effective strategies to manage and reduce debt, individuals can pave the way to financial freedom and create opportunities for increased wealth. The way you look at debt will also either create more debt or more money. If you think of debt as debt and you continue to say “I want to get out of debt”, you focus on debt hence you will getmore debt. If you think of debt as an investment and you focus on the ROIC of that investment, you will receive more money and your wealth will increase.


The Power of Money Mindfulness

Money mindfulness involves being aware of our thoughts, emotions, and actions concerning money. Embracing a positive money mindset and developing healthy associations with wealth can attract financial abundance. Practicing gratitude for the money we have and visualizing financial success can positively influence our wealth consciousness. I recommend a little habit to always say “Thank you” whenever you pay for something - whether it’s an electricity bill, coffee at your favorite restaurant, or a Porsche. 

Unconscious Patterns and Financial Growth

Unconscious patterns, such as guilt, fear, or self-sabotage, can hinder our ability to achieve financial growth. These patterns often stem from past experiences or inherited beliefs about money. Recognizing and addressing these unconscious blocks can lead to a more open and receptive mindset, allowing money to flow more freely into our lives. How do you feel about money? Do you love money? Or do you resist it? Can you even say “I like money” without justifying yourself? Just like you would say “I like pizza”. 

Money as Energy: The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction suggests that positive emotions and thoughts attract positive outcomes. When we view money as energy and align ourselves with positive emotions surrounding it, we create an environment conducive to financial abundance. Embracing this principle can be a powerful catalyst for attracting wealth and achieving financial success.

If you're ready to transform your relationship with money and unlock the path to financial abundance, I invite you to work with me. Together, we will dive deep into your wealth consciousness, identify and release any limiting beliefs, and implement powerful strategies to attract more money into your life. Say goodbye to financial struggles and embrace a future filled with prosperity and success!

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Paulina is a World Class Leadership Coach for CEOs. She has dedicated her career to help her clients ignite iconic presence and personal power so that they scale up with ease and build a legacy that lasts.  
Paulina brings a broad leadership experience of 15+ years working with Fortune 100 companies. 
She is an International Speaker and Author.

Paulina Stankiewicz

Paulina is a World Class Leadership Coach for CEOs. She has dedicated her career to help her clients ignite iconic presence and personal power so that they scale up with ease and build a legacy that lasts. Paulina brings a broad leadership experience of 15+ years working with Fortune 100 companies. She is an International Speaker and Author.

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